NHS Netball Festival

As part of our partnership with England Netball, we are hosting a Workplace Initiative Festival Day for NHS employees in February. You can read about their initiative at https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/my-game/netball-in-the-city/

It is aimed at getting absolutely anyone to come and give netball a try; male, female, young or old, we want to try and get people active! Those that attend don’t have to have any experience of playing before, we will have umpires and coaches on hand and aim to organise a morning of netball for anyone that would like to play. Ideally people would get groups of 5/6 to come along and play as a team, but if an individual wanted to take part, we will be able to place them in teams too.

The event will take place on Sunday February 5th between 930am and 2pm. Interested parties should contact us on 01332 204004