Organise your team with a simple click!

If you organise a team at Willows then you might be interested in the new features available to you as a user of our website.

Simply add your players to your team profile and let our system contact them via email to alert them to an upcoming fixture and ask them their availability!

No more Post-It notes, text messages lost or emails deleted; everything is centralised to make light of your task.

When players update their availability for a fixture, it all appears on your profile and you can see exactly who can play, and who can’t.

The system will remind players of upcoming games after your last fixture and a day before it takes place; it does the hard work for you!

Furthermore, if you need a player or two to make up the numbers, you can find ‘Ringers’ through our website with just a couple of clicks!

Our fixture reminders are now live, so get your players’ details added and start making your life easier ….

For more details of how to use the system contact us at the centre today!