Action Indoor Cricket at Willows

Play 8-a-side Action Indoor Cricket All Year Round In Derby!

Video courtesy of Cricket Australia

Whether you’re an active outdoor cricketer, or an avid watcher of the game from your sofa, you’ll LOVE 8-a-side Action Indoor Cricket

Willows Sports Centre in Derby is one of the UK’s leading venues where you can play on superb purpose-built courts, complete with interactive scoreboards and state-of-the-art action replay cameras courtesy of our friends at My Action Replay

Be it in competitive leagues for adults and children, a friendly game between mates, or a perfect team builder for the office, Action Indoor Cricket at Willows Sports Centre is for you! 

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at Cricket Australia’s video and see what some of the World’s leading professional cricketers have to say.



Youth Leagues

£ 34 team fee, per match
  • 8-a-side format
  • Saturday afternoon/evening matches
  • U10 - U16 age groups
  • For all standards of player
  • Great social atmosphere
  • For local clubs AND teams of friends
  • No obligation taster games for new teams
  • Organised leagues - just bring the kids!

Adult Leagues

£ 52 team fee, per match
  • 8-a-side format
  • Midweek & Sunday match-days available
  • For all standards of player
  • Great social atmosphere
  • For local clubs AND teams of friends
  • Organised leagues - website & app support
  • Action Replay Cameras - shareable clips
  • No obligation taster games available
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No team? No problem!

If you haven’t a team, yet want to play, don’t worry! Simply click on the red box above and we’ll match you up with a team looking for players!

You can also take advantage of our Indoor Cricket Community Group on Facebook …. find players and be found using the World’s biggest social platform. Click here.  

NEW DCCL Clubs' League Every Sunday Evening!
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Now you can pit your skills against the Clubs that you play against throughout the Summer in the Derbyshire County Cricket League ... we'll even sponsor your Club £50 for the 2020 season for doing so!*
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What is Action Indoor Cricket?

Action Indoor Cricket is an 8-a-side version of the traditional outdoor game, played on purpose built, floodlit courts. Each playing area is enclosed by tensioned netting and has a superb approved brightly coloured carpeted surface. Willows Sports Centre has 3 indoor cricket courts at our arena in Derby. 

The game is played with purposely designed indoor cricket balls that behave as a traditional ball would do, yet are lighter and less dense making them ideal for this fast paced game. 

Players are required to wear sports clothing, but do not need to wear protective batting pads and helmets, given the indoor ball. Traditional bats and gloves are used, or the Centre can provide them to players who haven’t their own. Wicket keepers use more light-weight gloves better suited to the indoor game.

Each game lasts for around 75 minutes and consists of one innings of 16 overs per team. Runs are scored by hitting different scoring zones and by physically running between the wickets. When a wicket falls, the batting team lose five runs, but crucially the batsman does not leave the court and is able to bat for his allotted four overs, irrespective of how many time he/she is ‘out’. All eight players bowl two overs each, including the wicket keeper, making indoor cricket a great team sport where all players are involved in every game they play. 

The game is complimented by interactive scoreboards, action-replay cameras with great catches and run-outs straight to your mobile, scoresheets and more great features! 

Who can play Action Indoor Cricket?

For experienced cricketers, Action Indoor Cricket is a new and challenging way to play the game – you need to take into account how the ball might ricochet off the netting and by hitting different scoring zones you score a different amount of runs. It’s a great way to keep cricket-fit through the Winter; not to mention an opportunity to socialise with your team mates through the year. 

For non-cricketers, Action Indoor Cricket is great fun! It makes cricket accessible and with no specific equipment required, barriers that sometimes prevent people from playing outdoors, are lifted.  Action indoor cricket is a FUN activity that you can play with work mates, clients and friends, whatever your group’s ability.

Watch the best catches, big-shots and missed run-outs with our exclusive action replay cameras!

There’s not many places where you can play cricket and then watch all of the best (and worst!) bits on big screen in the bar afterwards, let alone share it to your social pages via your mobile, tablet, or PC. But, at Willows Sports Centre you can! 

We have action replay cameras installed on all of our courts, capturing the good, the bad and the unbelievably funny clips from your games …

Using our cameras and innovative technology, it’ll soon be possible to watch your highlights on a match timeline as it happens too! Watch this space. 

Officially recognised by the ECB ...

Action Indoor Cricket has been recognised by the ECB since 2010 and is governed by Action Indoor Cricket England. Willows Sports Centre received match funding in 2011 from The ECB, enabling us to revitalise and provide the best facilities, unrivalled in the UK. The Centre hosts national competitions each year and is proud to be the home of The Indoor Cricket British Open, the sport’s flagship event, since 2007! For more information on competing in our national competitions, get in touch!

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